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Music Transformed This Young Man with Autism

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Rex Lewis-Clack was born with autism and blindness, but his early discovery of piano changed his life. Now, he’s helping others who share the same struggles. His charity Rex and Friends brings disabled musicians together to find their unique voice and gives them opportunities to perform.

At seven years old, Rex was already performing around the world, but often felt isolated.  Now in his 20s, his performance group has created exciting new friendships with other disabled musicians who also use music as a way to connect.

Rex and Friends performed Thursday night, March 2nd, with Theater By The Blind in Venice, California.  Their musical Dr. Philgood was sold out.

Rex and Friends will soon be officially joining CRE Outreach, which also works with "Theater By The Blind".  Create Reflect Empower also known as CRE, helps under-served individuals from low-income populations through the performing arts.

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