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Corporate Services

Corporate Music Therapy

Corporate Team Building and Drum Circles

Our highly gifted music therapists provide music therapy and wellness services, event facilitation, and consultation to help your company reach its highest potential. Southwestern Music Therapy LLC wants to benefit the individual and the company by helping to improve the individual employees with self-care, reduce stress and anxiety at the workplace, strengthen their working relationships among co-workers, and/or empower individuals to explore their creativity and thinking beyond what they believe they are capable of. Our goal is to help your company thrive and help your employees grow and work together more effectively!

We want to pull out the best characteristics from each employee: enthusiasm, dedication, teamwork, and creativity. This allows us to carry out our corporate program with success to ensure your team grows stronger together and stays productive together.

Music sessions are tailored to fit the needs of your employees, the environment they work in, and the desired outcome that will most benefit the company as a whole.

Our drum circles benefit individuals by connecting them to a common purpose of creative self-expression. Drum circles are routinely utilized by community groups, corporations and organizations, support groups, children, youth at risk, well and unwell elderly, teachers, religious groups, college student groups, and more. All of these groups have found the power that drum circles have to create an environment for joy, expression, team building, stress relief and communication.

Contact us for more information on our corporate team building and drum circle services.

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