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"Marcie's enthusiasm is very apparent as she interacts with my daughter. She is very professional, timely and has an excellent work ethic. She is able to offer my daughter a wide range of activities which allow her to work on a variety of skills. Not only is my daughter listening to the different sounds, but she is working on her communication skills when she makes choices for her next activity. She also is able to fine tune her fine motor skills when using a variety of instruments that require more precise fingering.


"Marcie is wonderful and fully understands the sensory issues that come up frequently with Jake.  She provides great suggestions on issues that arise on a regular basis. She always explains what she is doing and why when it comes to sensory activities, which helps to understand music therapy even more. Marcie is a true professional with an incredible understanding of what special needs kids need/want. She truly cares and we are very happy to have her as part of Jake's team.


"Marcie works well with my daughter's temperament and mood swings. She is very creative with finding ways to keep her interested including taking my daughters "songs" home and bringing them back as a song sheet so that she thinks she is a "published" musician. My daughter loves it!

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