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Southwestern Music Therapy, L.L.C. is a private practice, established to provide quality Music Therapy interventions and programs to those in need of such professional services in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin metropolitan areas.​

Music Therapy services can be provided in home or in a facility setting, we serve families, nursing homes, hospitals, and much more. We pride ourselves to coming to wherever the patient needs us!

Our highly trained team of Board Certified Music Therapists develop and implement goal driven, specialized treatment programs and interventions, which are designed to maximize each client's potential. 

Our team of talented therapists provide in home and facility based services to families in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin metropolitan areas and throughout Texas. We are also one of the largest providers of Music Therapy for Hospice and Palliative Care throughout the State of Texas.

marcie friedman

Marcie Friedman, CEO

Marcie received her Bachelor of Music degree in Music Therapy with an emphasis in voice, from Arizona State University in 2001. She continued her studies in Music Therapy by becoming certified as a Neurological Music Therapist under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Thaut. This certification is very rare as only a small percentage of Music Therapists have been able to attain this designation.


Marcie has been practicing Music Therapy for more than 18 years within a variety of settings and special needs populations. Her skills are flexible enough to accommodate all levels of disabilities. Since a majority of Marcie's clients have been on the autism spectrum, she is considered a specialist in this field. Marcie continues to educate the public by providing live music therapy sessions and giving talks and in-services regarding the benefits and proven results of Music Therapy.


She also owns Complete Therapies, L.L.C. which offers Medical Massage, Recreational, and Aquatic Therapy services. 


The mission of Southwestern Music Therapy, LLC is to provide exceptional music therapy services to assist clients in reaching their fullest potential through music. It is our mission to serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin metropolitan communities with high quality and evidence-based music therapy services that are tailored to meet the unique goals of each individual client.

It is our mission to achieve these principles of Music Therapy:

  1. To enhance the well-being of all clients by providing high quality services.

  2. To assist individuals in achieving social, emotional, cognitive, language, physical/motor and behavioral goals.

  3. To support and discover each client's strengths and creative abilities.

  4. Communicate with parents/guardians, teachers, and therapists to develop a successful treatment plan.


Southwestern Music Therapy, LLC provides person-centered, integrative, and strength-based approaches to address the needs of the whole person, and aspires to maintain the integrity and quality of the profession, and to educate the general public about the positive, proven results of Music Therapy.​

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