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Where do I start?

Step 1: If you haven't already, read about Developmental Red Flags and our A-Z listing of “populations” that would benefit from Music Therapy.
Step 2: Read below about our evaluation process.
Step 3: Call our offices at (214) 227-1006 (Dallas/Ft. Worth) or (832) 621-1212 (Houston), or email to request an evaluation.

The Evaluation Process

Southwestern Music Therapy LLC uses a dynamic assessment approach in combination with assessment protocols to complete a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s therapeutic needs. Both highly structured and client centered approaches are typically used during the assessment to evaluate a client’s response to both musical and non-musical interventions. The following lists the main components of a typical evaluation.

  1. Meet with caregivers (as appropriate) to complete an initial intake survey and to discuss the client’s background and needs (30-45 min).

  2. Dynamic Assessment (60 min.)
    During a typical assessment session, a variety of activities using singing, rhythm instruments, and movement are used to assess functioning in several areas, including:
    *Response to Music

    Music interventions are used to promote functional skill acquisition, such as singing sequence songs to prompt daily living skill knowledge or playing triangles for fine motor skills.

  3. Phone interviews are conducted with other treatment team members and/or an observation of the client is arranged to view them in another setting, as needed.

  4. A comprehensive, written evaluation report with recommendations and treatment plan is provided.

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