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Temple, Texas Music Therapy

Music therapy services in Temple, Texas are provided by Southwestern Music Therapy, LLC and our team of qualified and highly trained music therapists. People have used music as a therapeutic technique for hundreds of years, often without even realizing it as therapy. Music can be uplifting and motivating when you need it most, while also being sad and beautiful when coping through a loss or traumatic life event. At Southwestern Music Therapy we utilize various techniques that help to benefit our patients physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially dependent upon each individual patient’s needs. 

Music Therapy Services in Temple, TX

Southwestern Music Therapy provides a variety of services for a range of individuals, schools and businesses. Our services include:

Consultative Services

If you’re still unsure whether music therapy in Temple, TX is the right choice for you, or a loved one, we offer an initial consultation to discuss how music therapy can benefit you or someone you love.

School Assessments and Evaluations

We administer music therapy assessments for schools in Temple, TX at the request of a school district representative or parent. These assessments are conducted by a board-certified music therapist to determine if music therapy will be a good fit for a student as part of his/her education.

IEE/IEP Planning

Southwestern Music Therapy provides individual and group music therapy sessions and enrichment to public schools, private schools and special education programs in Temple, TX with children ages 3 up to 21 and are able to assist in planning IEE/IEP programs for children who can benefit from music therapy as part of their education.

Rehabilitation Services

Music therapy has become more and more common in rehabilitation services in several areas. Music therapy as part of rehabilitation services in Temple, TX has been known to affect physiological parts of the body such as blood pressure, heart beat, respiration, and mydriasis. Aside from this, music therapy has been shown to improve emotional health aspects such as mood and overall happiness and is used in the rehabilitation of patients with dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, fibromyalgia, stroke, aphasia and visual rehabilitation.

Hospice and Nursing Home Care

Nursing home and hospice care residents often struggle with feelings of  depression, isolation, and overall sadness with the loss of much of their independence. Music therapy helps nursing home and hospice care residents in Temple, TX cope with these feelings as well as improves memory, movement and calmness. 

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