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Specialized Virtual Therapy & Telehealth


Virtual therapy allows physicians to administer services by video conferencing with patients remotely. Now, patients can access Southwestern services in their home or workplace when it's convenient for them. Telehealth also allows for further consultation with teachers, family members, and other providers involved in a patient’s treatment/care.

At Southwestern, we understand that it's not always possible to make time for appointments in your daily life. Or have other needs, such as physical or psychological limitations that prevent a patient from leaving the house, as well as the hassle of traveling to meet for therapy in the office. We believe therapy services should be easy and accessible to everyone, that's why Southwestern provides virtual therapy or telehealth services online.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Therapy?​

When you schedule a specialized virtual therapy appointment with Southwestern, your session will always be secure, effective, and covered. You will also meet with the same licensed therapists you would find in our offices.

Southwestern uses secure technology to ensure your personal health information is always private. All telehealth appointments are subject to the same strict HIPAA standards as in-person therapy services.

Research has shown virtual therapy and telehealth services provide the same efficacy as attending an appointment in-person. With some of the physical and psychological limitations that patients have, some find specialized virtual therapy services are more practical. 

Most insurance policies that cover health services will include coverage for virtual therapy or telehealth services as well. Southwestern therapists work with most major insurance carriers  you need.

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