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Have You Ever Heard of Music Therapy?

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

While it’s possible that you have, the average person has not heard of this excellent therapy that is being used to help children and adults all over the country to learn, improve and, when necessary, rehabilitate after injuries, surgeries and accidents.

The fact is, people from all types of backgrounds and interests, including those who have no musical skills, will benefit from music therapy. It has been found that the human mind’s response to music is much different than its response to almost any other type of stimulation. A child with mental or physical challenges will sometimes respond better to music than to any other type of therapy.

Children with behavioral problems, anger issues and even ADHD respond very well to music therapy and it has been used successfully in many cases and in many different situations. The fact is, music therapy can help a child to better communicate, socialize with other children, increase their overall motor abilities and even help with their cognitive skills.

Because it’s such a flexible medium, there are many different types of music therapies that can be used in any given situation including but not limited to improvising with instruments, songwriting, auditory processing and more. Not just children, but people of all ages have been helped with music therapy and, here at Southwestern Music Therapy, we have programs set up for all levels, ages and abilities.

When it comes to teaching and learning with music therapy we have set up a number of adaptations to help people of differing skills and ages. For example, for a child who is not able to read music we have a color coding option that’s very helpful. We also use a number of visual aids and scripts so that there is less frustration and anxiety, and we make a point of focusing on a particular child’s favorite types of songs and musical genres.

Here at Southwestern Music Therapy we have a highly trained team of board-certified music therapists and highly specialized music therapy treatment programs that are designed with each client’s particular case in mind. If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas as well as Houston and Austin and you have any questions or need help, please let us know and we will get back to you ASAP.

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